6 Reasons Why Video Will Boost Your Website’s Google Ranking

01 May 2018

With experts predicting that video will make up over 80% of all content on the internet by 2020, there’s a reason that huge companies such as Google and Facebook are jumping the gun and figuring out ways to rank websites with video on effectively.

Large brands such as Coca Cola and Nike have increased their video marketing budget over the past 3 years by around 71% compared to previous years, however, this has yet to filter down to the small to medium business area. Meaning that video is the perfect way to cut through the noise and get yourselves seen on Google.

Here are 6 reasons that video will boost your google ranking:

Google favours video

SERP’s or Search Engine Page Results, are the best way to drive organic, high quality traffic to your website. Many business’s in the UK live or die in the first 3 pages of Google, what’s the point in putting loads of money and effort into your website if you’re only going to rank on the 8th page? Here’s where video comes in. Google ranks video on websites favourably, meaning that just by having relevant videos on your website you can climb up Googles pages without having to spend a fortune on adverts.

Reduce bounce rates

With over 55% of users consuming videos entirely, by putting a video in front of your customers you can dramatically reduce your bounce rates whilst simultaneously educating your customers about your product or service.

Enhanced ctr

CTR or Click Through Rates are the backbone of why any business does online marketing. Why would you run a campaign that isn’t going to provoke a customer’s reaction to click through to your website and check out your product? By the end of your video your potential customers should be primed and informed to take whatever action you want them too.

Backlinks are key

Backlinks are when another website links to yours, so customers can either read more of your content or purchase a product. These used to be the be all end all of Google ranking, the more backlinks you had, the higher you ranked on Google. However, due to people abusing this and creating websites full of needless backlinks Google has started to put less emphasis on them. Doesn’t mean that they’re not useful though, if you post a short snippet of your video on other places on the web such as your social media and then link to the full thing on your website.

Highly shareable

Following on from the backlinks earlier, every share on social media counts as a new backlink. This means that if you can create content that is highly shareable over multiple platforms, your domains strength and social relevance would increase, further ranking you higher on Google.

Under-saturated market

In the world of marketing, it’s hard to get your business noticed compared to all your competitors. This is because the majority of business are doing the same thing; Blog posts, Magazine adverts, Local billboards etc… Customers have become used to this form of advertising and companies aren’t seeing the return on investment that they once were. The video however has yet to reach the small to medium business market, this immediately puts you in the top bracket once you start creating relatable and authentic video content.

The best part about all of this is, it’s not too late! But you don’t have long. With more and more small businesses looking for unique ways to promote themselves, video is becoming a highly talked about subject. So, what’s stopping you?

At FTA Media we specialise in creating relatable and authentic video content for small business’s all over the UK. If you feel this is something that suits your needs, feel free to give us a call on 0330 088 1156 to have a chat about what we can do for you and give your business the boost it needs to survive in this digital age.

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