6 Simple Ideas for Dental Social Media Content

01 May 2018

Publicising your practice is never easy, you have a million and one things going through your head, when should you post something? What do you say? Do you post a photo or a video? The list is endless. The best marketing tool out there is the word of mouth, and that’s because people trust people. Therefore, it’s essential that your social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) are authentic and approachable.

So below are FTA Media’s 6 simple ideas for creating beautiful smiles – social-media content (we will leave creating beautiful smiles to the professionals).

1. Say hello! You don’t bite!

It’s great seeing your following grow, you feel like you’ve gained a new or potential patient so don’t let them nibble away from you! Introduce yourself to them by giving them a message from your practice page. It can be something as saying

“Hey! I’m Jak from FTA Media In Hertfordshire, just thought I’d take the time to say thanks for the follow. By any chance are you looking to register at practice? Please call us on 01707 123 456 and ask for myself or talk to a member of our team. Jak J.”

This a great example that lets your new follower who you are, where you are, an employee’s name for reference, a phone number and it poses a question for them to reply back to, this one question could lead on to a conversation with multiple of questions or new patient or referrals.

2. Speaking of referrals…

This goes hand in hand with my earlier comment – the best marketing tool is the word of mouth but even so, social media plays a big part in this. You can use social media to run a competition campaign for your followers that refer their family and friends to the practice. In return they are rewarded with an internal or external prize, or are put into a hat with the chance of winning.

In this case your social media platforms act as the host for the campaign/contest, supporting and enhancing the marketing tool of the word of mouth.

3. Listen to the gnasher’s

It’s incredibly important to listen to your patient’s needs and their opinions, so why not use some of your social media platforms to do just that!

Facebook is a great platform to post poll questions that will further benefit the patient’s needs; it also helps to maintain an online relationship with your patients whilst enhancing your engagement statistics.

For example, you could post a poll regarding appointment times:

“Hi guys. I hope you are well! We at FTA Media want to know a bit more about what you guys think! Every month we will post a survey about how we can adapt our practice to be a better fit for you. This week’s survey is how long would you like you hygienist appointments to be?

If you’d like to vote below by ticking the relevant box then please do, we’d love to hear! Also, if you have any ideas for future surveys then please direct message us!


Jak & the FTA Media Team!”

FTA Media believes posting a poll/survey to your followers can emphasise your authentic and personal tone with your patients. It also increases your engagement stats, it sure has worked for our sister companies in FTA!

4. Keeping it minty fresh!

A great way to help begin engagement is sharing other relevant feeds and news. Your following will begin to trust your branding, content and more importantly, your services.

Sharing and commenting on current and relevant news allows you to create a personality and a voice for your practice, this only enhances and supports your branding to be authentic and relatable. Similarly, to a point I made earlier, it’s integral for your social media platform to have a personality, otherwise it’s hard for your followers to relate. It’s also a great way to widen your knowledge about the industry, show support and scope out the local competition.

5. Market your practice with video testimonials

Testimonials are an excellent marketing tool that shows hard evidence that your practice, branding and services are worth the time and acknowledgement.

Whilst the majority of testimonials are written, FTA Media (perhaps ever so slightly biased) believe testimonials should be done through the medium of video due to Studies showing that 76% of those who watch your video have subsequently bought into it. Using visual content, photos and videos is increasingly becoming more popular, 63% of business use videos regularly within marketing campaigns.

6. Success stories

Everyone loves to brag, even if it’s a little, even if you don’t want to admit it. Posting about your success stories and incorporating your team into your content and marketing will build brand loyalty.

Posting about your success stories can be hard, what are you allowed to say? Always ask the permission of the person you are posting about, for the visual content I would recommend steering away from using material that shows the extraction/operation. Perhaps using a humorous photo of the patient and dentist/hygienist beforehand? Some bespoke photographs? Or even incorporating content into a visual image?

I would also recommend using your team to your advantage. Your following will want to know who you have working at the practice? Who is their first point of contact? Who will be their nurses, dentists, hygienists? Who will be the practice manager? This will continue to build of brand loyalty and familiarise them with your practice/team before arrival.

Well, that’s all from us for now at FTA Media, please check out our social media below and let us know what you think.





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