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26 December 2014

A testimonial video from one’s clients provide a business a very good opportunity to quickly establish trust and confidence with new and prospective clients. Besides this, it also strengthens one’s relationships with the existing customers, and it also develops compelling and incredibly positive marketing advantages to boost sales. Most effective and powerful are testimonials which are unscripted and authentic. It therefore pays to obtain the services of a testimonial videos production company London based, if one is from the UK.

Establishing trust

A company’s sales staff can easily come up with marketing ads using flowery words that are specifically tailored to catch the attention of prospective clients. This, however, is too common. It would have much more impact if the testimonials come from actual clients who have been satisfied with the services or products rendered to them by the company.

By openly presenting enthusiastic endorsements from previous clients, testimonial videos help develop or create increased trust in prospective customers. It accelerates the sales and marketing process and makes more clients out of leads.

Strengthening one’s relationships with clients

A professional testimonial videos production company London or elsewhere with a good record has happy customers who are willing enough to recommend its services to others. With the use of client testimonial videos, this can be turned by companies into a great marketing opportunity. Besides creating more sales, it also boosts the existing business by reinforcing the company’s relationships with its already-existing clientele. Such testimonial videos recognize and appreciate its customers, and the customers can really see this. It also provides the clients the platform for expressing and crystallising their positive views about the services and the company. In other words, it is an overall positive experience for everyone who’s involved.

Bragging rights

There are mixed feelings regarding bragging in professional marketing. Some testimonial videos production company London outfits want to be subdued and modest, but feel that they want to really push their product forward by bragging about its qualities.

With client’s testimonial videos, no such restraint need to be applied; customers can assert and express all of those exciting adjectives that highly compliment the services or products that a company offers. They can verbalise all the high praises that marketers may be reluctant to say about their own products. In short, testimonial videos are instant bragging rights that have the legitimate license to cross the line of modesty.

Making the video

Good client testimonials need to have a good testimonial videos production company London based. The team has to take no more than an hour to bother the customer giving the testimonial. The equipment must be light, effective and at the same time produce high quality material. It must cause the least intrusion into the time and location of the target client. And importantly too, it must also generate a positive and fun experience for the client making the testimonial. This goes a long way towards establishing trust and loyalty in client-business relations. For excellent client testimonials, get a good testimonial videos production company London.

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