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26 December 2014

Corporate video production UK is defined as the process of creating communications material in the audio-video format, whether in HD, streaming videos, DVD, or others that is primarily commissioned by an organisation, corporation or company. It is usually intended for specific purposes within the B2B or corporate setting, often towards a target audience.

Corporate videos may be client testimonials, project videos, or company or service promotional videos. It is usually the territory of the manager for corporate communications or company marketing. Corporate videos may also be safety and training videos, financial reports, and brand promotional videos.

Digital technology has made amazing advancements and has grown exponentially through the years. Now, corporate video production UK has converged with other various media communications formats. This typically includes television advertising and television itself.

Corporate videos nowadays can also be produced with the use of production techniques that are the same ones used in broadcast TV programming. Even the style used is similar. An example is the use of outdoor broadcast facilities. This is done in order to engage audiences that have been used to viewing various popular media. Some corporate videos are even made using the theme of popular TV shows and series.

A good corporate video production UK company will typically take the client’s brief and may develop the treatment, storyboard or script. Liaison with the client is regular, and production schedules and deadlines are made by the company.

Production process

The production of corporate videos often involves three major stages.

  • Pre-production. This includes the writing of the storyboard or script. This is also where the budget consideration weighs in heavily, so that even at the onset of the project, there is already a consensus of how large the playing field will be.
  • Production. This is the actual filming period, which includes logistics on location, crew, cast, schedules, and a thousand other considerations that is usually handled by the corporate video production UK company.
  • Post-production. Many activities occur in this stage. This is where the editing; enhancements; voice-overs; inclusion of graphics and music score; addition of animation in the footages; and so on. This is the finishing touch made on the raw footage.

Production scale

The scale of the production of the corporate video can vary widely. The time spent in production, editing and post-production is also highly variable. The use of equipment and crew also depends on the decisions made regarding scale. Budget of the client company is a large factor, as well as the capability of the corporate video production UK company. If the quality level is to be that of a production involving broadcast TV or television commercials, then it may be quite expensive compared to relatively simpler productions.

Online traffic

Online traffic on the corporate website can vastly benefit from the creation and publication of a corporate promotional video. If the video is added to the company website, traffic quality and volume increases dramatically, because large search engines and entities such as Bing, Google and YouTube highly value the inclusion of videos in their ranking algorithms. Having a video makes it 50 times more probable for the website to hit the first page in Google results. In addition, time spent on site, click through rates and conversion into sales also significantly improve.

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