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26 December 2014

Reasons to Invest in Corporate Video Marketing

There was a time when companies don’t even want a website, because it is not considered mainstream or beneficial for business. Now, it is inconceivable not to have a company website. Websites are a major center of transactions as well as informational hubs that unravels the company to the world.

Today, even this is not enough anymore. In these times, videos are a standard prerequisite in businesses. Especially in social media, it takes a lot to catch the attention of consumers, and there are few things that can do this better than corporate videos. And professional creative video production London companies abound that can efficiently do the job.

Big brands are already ahead. They do corporate videos all the time that translate leads into sales. Do not get left behind. Without corporate and promotional videos, your company will be ages behind in the race.

Quality videos

It is imperative to create quality videos. Poorly-made videos can do the exact opposite of what you intend. It is actually a waste of money, time and effort. It is, in the long run, well worth investing in high quality corporate creative video production London.

Using social media

Social media is the ideal partner of video marketing. The company video will get the longest mileage, cover the most extensive coverage and reach the most number of people by utilising social media. By posting the video promotion in the various social media outlets, it will have maximum exposure to the public. Creative video production London has been found to be the priority of marketers last year.

People like watching online videos, especially if they are compelling and interesting. In addition, they share the things they like. If your video content is shareable, this goes a long way towards giving you advantage over your competitors.

Big and small brands alike find that video promotions for their target audiences see better success when these videos are circulated in social media outlets. This is due to the fact that people who use the internet spend two and a half times longer watching videos that have personal relevance to them. Companies that make good promotional videos through creative video production London outfits take advantage of this statistic to boost their sales.


Videos, in addition, also stimulate consumer engagement. Posts in Facebook, for example, that include a video generate roughly one hundred percent more engaging behavior in the average user! This is compared to simpler posts with no video. Videos are one of the pillars that generate engagement among potential customers.

Business is not just about increased viewership. This should also convert into actual sales. And creative video production London delivers. It has been found that there is a forty-six percent higher conversion when it comes to video promotional materials compared to simple text ads. The most powerful converter, however, is the combination of text and video.

It has also been found out that sixty-four percent of consumers, upon having watched a promotional product video, research that product afterwards. In addition, almost fifty percent actually look for the product in stores. The same statistic goes for those visiting vendor websites selling that product or asking a vendor for information about the product.

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Social media shouldn’t be the pet project that you give to your 18 year old niece because she’s on Instagram all day, it is arguably the most important marketing tool in 2018. It has the power to make and break businesses in a heartbeat, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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