Some Tips In Producing Good Corporate Videos

26 December 2014

Focus on the customer

The client is the focus of any good business. It must aim to solve the problems that customers have. In other words, companies should be service-oriented more than profit-oriented. Focus on what matters to the client. They really do not care too much about the company’s history or the way the company runs itself. One may see this in video testimonials London productions.

This is the problem with most corpor#ate videos. They are written from the company’s perspective instead of the client’s. The company must ask itself: who is the video for? To whom will it be shown? Will the company be its target audience, or the customers? The majority of businesses, however, still continue to talk about themselves and puff themselves up in their corporate videos.

In making a corporate video, one must put himself in the shoes of his clients. What do they want? What do they not care for? What solutions should the company offer them? The aim of the corporate video is to put an image of a company who can uniquely and satisfyingly answer the customers’ problems. Make the customers relate to the video; make them see themselves in the video.

For example, if one is a real estate company, answer the questions regarding how to choose a good real estate company. Put the customer always in the center. Only then will come the video testimonials London from satisfied clients.

Show the story; don’t tell it

The rising star of marketing tactics today is the corporate video. Of all the media types available, it is by far the most persuasive and informative. This is because videos and video testimonials London offer a visceral kind of experience; it is engaging both aurally and visually. It not only explains the way a product is used, but it actually can show how it is used, enjoyed and benefited from. Videos are also the quickest means to catch the attention and inform an ever growing number of modern audiences whose attention has become significantly shortened.

In addition, videos are the best way of showcasing the benefits of a product that belong in the intangible category. For example, one cannot really show the fragrance of a particular perfume. However, through video presentation, an image can be created which suggests the range of a specific perfume’s benefits.

Another example is the luxury home or real estate. These multimillion-dollar products, at the outset, can be hard to sell. But with the use of promotional videos, selling these luxury homes can become easier. It is not just an address or the features of the home that one can sell and promote; it is also the lifestyle that comes with it. With videos, that lifestyle can easily be showcased, by using imagery and telling a compelling and captivating story. A video presentation is the best complement to existing marketing tools used for real estate products. It offers a lifestyle, not just a brick-and-mortar house and lot. And video testimonials London production companies can create the right video for such a purpose.

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