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06 July 2014

Identify the audience

Marketing is an activity involving the positioning and communication of a service or product’s unique value to the target audience. Any single given service or product will naturally not appeal to everyone, nor should it. But to its target market, it needs to be very enticing and appealing, and the marketing strategy should be made in such a way that the sales pitch is specifically tailored and aimed at the concerns and needs (or wants) of the audience in mind.

It is quite a risky enterprise, to narrow the message enough so that it is specifically targeting a certain group of people while not addressing the rest. Still, it is much more risky not to exclude details in the hopes of cornering a larger market share than what is feasible. Getting the services of a video production agency London will ensure a good way of marketing what one is selling.

An example of identifying the target audience in a corporate video is spending time with the video producer in refining the key messages and pitches involved, and then identifying who the company wants to sell it to. Separate videos can be made if there are two general categories of target audiences involved.

Compose an emotionally charged story

Most people today, though they would not admit it or are even unaware of it, make buying choices based more on emotion than reason. Man’s makeup is more emotional than logical. While our minds may want to think that we think using our reason, the subconscious knows otherwise. Virtually everything we buy is motivated by desire and emotion. Products that consumers purchase may be less in quality compared to others, but when they relate to those particular products in an emotional way, they choose them over better brands.

In addition, the majority of viewers do not finish corporate videos, especially when all videos do is dryly spew out facts, benefits and features. What viewers remember is the emotional connection, not the bare facts. This the company and the video production agency London must remember when creating a promotional corporate video.

Successful promotional videos tell stories that tug an emotional string in their intended audience. Sometimes even the hype gets in the way. A heart-to-heart talk, a good story, and an oh-so-subtle pitch; sometimes that is all it takes to sell well.

Company principles

When one is pitching to the target market, it is also well to remember to include what the company believes in. It is not enough to just pitch a product or service; the principles that the company stands for also counts. This is another example of emotionally charging the audience to get them to buy the product. A high transparency level now goes a long way to promoting the business. People now care whether the product harms animals or the environment; getting the audience’s attention is only the first step. Nowadays, the core values of a company matters. Its beliefs count. People boycott unscrupulous business practices more than ever. This is an important thing to remember when pitching a product using the services of a video production agency London.

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